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Committed To The Success Of Condo And Homeowners Associations

Peryea Silver Taylor is united by our deeply held commitment to creating clear, effective, timely, innovative and affordable solutions to the myriad challenges confronting community associations. We help our client associations successfully design and implement systems that strengthen relationships between association leaders and those whom they serve, so strife is less likely to arise.

A Dedicated Team Of Professionals Working For You

Peryea Silver Taylor unites several unique professionals, dedicated to creating lasting solutions for the communities we serve. We are fascinated with this area of law, and we admire those of you who devote your time to serving your neighbors. Our firm understands that community association board members are volunteers, and we respect their commitment to their neighborhood and community.

Our team includes:


Allison N. Peryea

Bennett A. Taylor

David F. Silver

Stephan O. Fjelstad

Mary B. Reiten

Lauren C. Olson

Chawisa Laicharoenwat

Terrence A. Leahy

Ronald G. Housh

Administrative Staff

Whitney Schneider, Firm Administrator

Sarah Cartwright, Legal Assistant

Laurie Shinyama, Senior Paralegal

Harry Cho, Paralegal

We believe that board members and managers need a law firm that understands not only the law, but the day-to-day realities of community association living. As a law firm that’s been there, done that, we have a vast reservoir of experience to draw upon in achieving the results you seek. We provide the level of legal service you need, when you need it.

Why You Should Choose Us

We understand what you are trying to accomplish: You’re trying to create a great place to live. We share your belief that accomplishing that requires assembling a great leadership team.

Choosing us is key to achieving what our clients set out to achieve because our missions and our methods match. We both are devoted to creating a great place to live. We both believe that assembling the “right” team and then working collaboratively as a team focused on a shared objective are how to get the job done. Our high-quality service and reputation for ethical practices earned us the 2019 Washington State Community Associations Institute trade group business partner of the year.

Contact Peryea Silver Taylor To Collaborate On Reaching Your Association’s Goals

Peryea Silver Taylor is ready to help your association with all your legal needs. To set up a consultation to discuss your needs either at our office in Seattle or over the phone, call us at 206-403-1933 or fill out our online contact form.