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Services Overview

Your job is to keep up the property and to keep the peace. Our job is to make your job seem easy.

But we know how tough and thankless a job it is to fix a failing building, or bring a stubborn owner into compliance, or fund all that needs doing. We exist to serve you, so you can better serve your members. Here’s how we can help you.

The Property. Buildings age. How gracefully they age is up to you. You oversee maintenance, repair and improvement of the common property. We help you

  • Manage risk through insurance, inspections and policies
  • Set money aside in a reserve fund
  • Determine who must do what when repairs are needed
  • Fund work with an assessment or loan
  • Hire the contractor, negotiate the contract, and monitor the work

The People. A community association is a legal union of distinct, diverse individuals who share in common a roof, a name, and little else. To meet this leadership challenge, we help you

  • Better understand what an owner expects of his board
  • Anchor policies and decisions in these shared expectations
  • Give an owner a fair say on matters that affect him most
  • Clearly mark the line where an owner’s rights give way to the rights of the community
  • Enforce the common will through communication, fines or court order

The Business. The work you do takes cash. Nationwide, community associations raise and spend about $35 billion a year. Your association is as much a business as the one you work for, retired from, own, or hold stock in. To conduct business professionally, we help you

  • Clean up your governing documents, policies, procedures and record keeping
  • Comply with a myriad of laws, covering everything from disabilities to disclosure
  • Conduct fair and effective board and owners’ meetings, enforcement hearings and elections
  • Contract with employees, managers, vendors and consultants
  • Collect past due assessments from delinquent owners

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Peryea Silver Taylor provides all the legal services your association needs. To set up a consultation to discuss your needs, call us at 206-403-1933 or fill out our online contact form.