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On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Firm News

Peryea Silver Taylor


Peryea Silver Taylor, P.S. Team Photo


Leahy Fjelstad Peryea is now Peryea Silver Taylor, P.S., a premier regional community association law firm. Our mission is the same: Creating clear, timely solutions so your community will thrive.

In the wake of being honored as Business Partner of the Year at last fall’s WSCAI awards banquet, we paused to examine our firm’s past and consider its future.

We built this law firm on the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Decades of working together has forged a tight-knit team, united in our pursuit of great results for our clients. Looking back, we realized that blending commitment with knowledge has always been the key to those results.

This realignment means that seasoned, mid-career lawyers now form the firm’s core: Allison Peryea, David Silver, Bennett Taylor, and Mary Reiten. We strengthen this core by pooling a century’s worth of legal problem-solving experience in the trio of Stephan Fjelstad, Ron Housh, and Terry Leahy.

In addition to the name change, several other changes are happening at Leahy Fjelstad Peryea. We are excited to share them with you:  We are extremely pleased that Bennett Taylor and David Silver have joined Stephan Fjelstad and Allison Peryea as partner and shareholder. Stephan will be continuing his same top-notch legal services, including review of all types of construction contracts for repair projects, to clients.

Terry is transitioning to an “of counsel” role. In this consultant role, Terry can continue to offer his perspective, advice and wisdom—as well as his drafting services—to our clients, while leaving the business operations to the new generation of shareholders.

Next, skilled litigator Mary Reiten has joined our firm as a senior attorney. Mary has many years of experience aggressively advocating the interests of her clients in and out of court, and has represented both community associations and owners over the years. Mary will be teaming up with Allison to provide clients with outstanding dispute-resolution services—optimizing results, avoiding legal action, and seeing lawsuits through when they are unavoidable. Mary will also be applying her talents to providing general counsel and collections legal services.

Finally, veteran community association attorney Ron Housh will be joining us, also in an of counsel role. We expect his many years of practicing community association law to further bolster our already extensive knowledge of this practice area.

Mary and Ron are both familiar faces in the community association industry, and we could not be more excited and honored to add them to the team.

With these new additions, and the continued service of our existing team, we have enhanced our ability to meet our clients’ unique legal needs. We cannot wait to continue providing the highest caliber of community association legal service available.

We are looking forward to this new chapter for our firm, and continuing to work with our clients, colleagues, business partners, and fellow attorneys under the new Peryea Silver Taylor banner. We cannot wait to see all of you (hopefully) in person in the coming months. Until then, thank you and stay safe.