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Peryea Silver Taylor Attorneys Attend WSCAI Law Day!

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Firm News

On April 29, attorneys Allison Peryea, Bennett Taylor, and Mary Reiten attended WSCAI Law Day at the Lynnwood Event Center. We also used the event to announce our newest attorney addition, Lauren C. Olson, who also attended. Law Day is an educational event and trade show for homeowners and managers featuring legal-topic workshops. Allison presented about strategies for dispute resolution, and Lauren presented about the new statute regarding electric-vehicle chargers. Lauren and Allison also serve on the WSCAI Law Day Committee that helps organize the event. Bennett, a member of the WSCAI Legislative Action Committee, helped educate attendees about this year’s legislative session. Mary, a member of the WSCAI ADR Committee, explained the Mediation Program to attendees.


Law-Day-Hilary-Taliking on stage